If I Stop Drinking Wine Will I Lose Belly Fat?

Are you curious about weight loss after quitting drinking wine and thinking that getting in better shape could be a good inspiration for you to quit drinking, or just to drink less in general?

You’ll be people talking about a “beer belly”, but the truth is that wine can also certainly help you put on some extra pounds, so if you stop drinking wine, it can absolutely help you lose weight, but there’s more to the story that you’ll need to understand first, and some things you’ll want to look out for if you’re thinking of quitting wine for weight loss.

Will You Lose Belly Fat If You Stop Drinking Wine?

You Will Lose Belly Fat If You Stop Drinking Wine.
When you stop drinking wine, your body will be taking in less calories, and therefor you’ll start to lose weight.

There’s a little more to it, and some guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to ensure this is successful, but if your goal is to lose fat and to stop drinking wine, then this is the motivation you’ll need because stopping drinking wine will help you lose weight, including belly fat.

Drinking Wine and Weight Gain

When we’re talking about drinking or not drinking and how it can impact your weight, the first rule of thumb to keep in mind is that we’re looking at this assuming all else is equal. For example, if you were to stop drinking wine but to replace it with snacks in the evening, you could end up gaining even more weight, if the snacks have more calories than the wine.

In other words, you’ll gain weight if you add wine into your routine without removing calories elsewhere from your day. On that same note, you’ll lose weight when you drop drinking wine, as long as you don’t replace the wine with other foods or drinks.

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How Many Calories are in a Glass of Wine?

A glass of wine, depending on the sweetness and other factors, will usually have around 125-150 calories, but some can have more than that. Keep in mind that this is just a 4oz glass of wine, and if you’re pouring your own drinks, you’ll probably end up drinking considerably more than that. For example, a “tall” size drink at Starbucks is the equivalent to roughly 3 glasses of wine, so the small-sized cup at Starbucks, if it was filled with wine, would have around 400 calories. If you drink the whole bottle, that’s considerably more calories.

Does Wine Make You Gain Weight?

Anytime you drink wine, you’re taking in additional calories, and calories make you gain weight if you aren’t burning them off. If you start drinking wine, or start drinking wine more often, and you don’t do anything to compensate for the extra calories, you’ll gain weight.

Here’s The Good News About Drinking Wine and Losing Belly Fat You’re Here For:

If you stop drinking wine, and keep doing everything else exactly the same, you’ll lose weight.

Everyone’s body gains and loses weight in different places and at different rates, so whether or not your initial weight loss from quitting wine is all in the belly, or starts off being more noticeable on your face, your arms, your thighs, and then your belly – don’t be discouraged! There’s nothing you can do about this, your body will lose fat in the places it wants to lose fat, in the order it’s going to lose it, you can’t control this.

What you can control is staying in a calorie deficit by cutting out the wine and keeping everything else the same in terms of your diet and activity levels.

But if you stop drinking wine, and now you have some extra time in your day, you might even find some extra energy to exercise more and this will speed up the weight loss even faster, which means that you’ll burn that belly fat even faster.

One of the myths in terms of fitness and weight loss is the misconception that you can spot-reduce fat. Exercising your stomach won’t burn belly fat more quickly, but it can help you build more muscle in the area which can help with the overall appearance.

The point is that by cutting out all of the calories you’d get from wine, you will lose belly fat because you’ll be losing fat in all areas of your body. The order that determines where the fat comes from and how quickly it melts away from different areas is out of our control, but you’ll notice the fat starting to shed in all areas of your body when you stop drinking wine, especially if you’re someone who is currently drinking a lot of wine.

Follow These Steps To Lose Weight When You Stop Drinking Wine

Lose Weight When You Stop Drinking Wine
  • Don’t replace the calories from the wine with anything else
  • Try to increase your activity levels if you can, especially if you aren’t very active
  • Don’t expect instant results, give it some time
  • You won’t notice the weight loss on a day to day or week to week basis, but track it over the period of months and you’ll be amazed
  • As long as you don’t replace the caloric deficit from the wine with something else, you’ll lose fat from quitting drinking wine


It’s not always easy to quit drinking, especially if you’re struggling with alcoholism.

But sometimes, finding other ways that quitting drinking wine or other drinks can help us, is the extra little push that somebody needs.

There are many benefits of quitting drinking, but the improvements to your body can be some of the most encouraging ones for people, especially if they want to cut back on excess weight by quitting drinking.

If I stop drinking wine will I lose belly fat? Yes, you will! As long as you follow the steps above, and you don’t start consuming extra calories after cutting out the wine.

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