Can a Book Help You To Stop Drinking?

People use books to learn all sorts of things from math to science to philosophy. People also read books for fun and entertainment. People use books to learn about themselves and for all sorts of self-help, but what about when it comes to quitting drinking? Can a book help you to stop drinking?

We recently curated a small library of stop drinking books but it begs the question, can reading a book help you quit drinking?

Regardless of which steps you take to stop drinking, it’s something that you’re doing. You can have all the support in the world, you can study and understand addiction on a deep level, you can go to meetings, you can have friends and family who are amazing at helping you, you can have everything around you that you need in order to stop drinking but you’re still going to have to make the decision not to drink.

It still comes down to a binary thing, which is whether or not you’re putting alcohol into your mouth and swallowing it. With that in mind, everything else is just a matter of trying to gain the necessary tools to make the decision not to drink, over and over again.

Quitting alcohol isn’t a decision that you make one time, it’s a choice that you’ll be faced with often, but if you have the right tools in your toolbox, you’ll have an easier time making that decision.

A very powerful tool in alcohol cessation is information and knowledge. By taking the time to really understand how addiction works and applying this to your own life, you’ll increase your chances of being able to make the right decision each time you’re faced with it.

When you’re an alcoholic, it can feel like you’re faced with the decision to drink or not on a near-constant basis. So, how do you increase your chances of choosing not to drink? You give yourself access to all of the tools that you possibly can.

Not everybody can afford to go away to outpatient rehab, or to change around their entire life for a month or two, or to have private doctors and nurses to help them in the same ways as celebrities who quit drinking, but there are some things that everybody can access, such as books to stop drinking.

Here’s How Books Can Help You Quit Alcohol

Books can help you to stop drinking because they can help you understand your drinking problem better. While everyone is unique, there are certain principles to addiction that can be more universal, and knowing these things, knowing how addiction works and gaining the tools to help yourself better navigate your path towards recovery and sobriety.

It’s rare to read a book and then for everything to suddenly become crystal clear and for you to have zero challenges and everything’s just perfect and easy now. That can happen, in some cases. There are people who will struggle with drinking, then read an insightful book, and then suddenly they’re all set.

For most people, however, a book is yet another tool that helps make things a little bit easier, and when it comes to something as important as quitting drinking, any little boost that you can get is massively important and helpful.

A Book is a Tool

A book about how to stop drinking is a tool that you will draw lessons and tips and strategies from. Some things you read in a book will help you a great deal, some may not really apply to you. Your job is to take in this information, and filter out the info that’s useful and pertinent to your life, and then use it to draw strength and power from as you face challenges in the future.

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