How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going Into Rehab

There are different types of rehab. Some of them are more “invasive” to your current lifestyle, for lack of a better word. To phrase it differently, some types of rehab will have you going away to another state, or even another country in some cases – whereas there are also types of rehab that aim … Read more

How To Work In a Rehab Center – List of Rehab Job Types

Working in a rehab center can be a very rewarding career. Knowing that you’re making a difference for someone, especially for people who feel like they’ve never really had someone looking out for them, can feel truly enriching and fulfilling. It can also be a very stressful job, it can be discouraging, it can be … Read more

Does Alcohol Affect Sleep And How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

There’s nothing that prepares you for the upcoming day than getting a good night’s sleep, but if you’re drinking alcohol the night before, then your body probably has different plans. Keep in mind that just because you’ve passed out from drinking, that doesn’t mean your body is actually getting a restful sleep. Here’s what you … Read more

Are There Any Easy Ways To Stop Drinking?

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What Is Blacking Out From Alcohol and Why Does It Happen?

Blacking out, otherwise known as being “blackout drunk”, refers to when a person has had so much to drink that they’re basically on “autopilot”, in a sense. If you’ve ever been drinking and look back on it the next day and you don’t remember how you got home, or you don’t remember what happened for … Read more

What Is A Relapse And What Does It Mean For Alcoholics?

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What Causes Relapse? Why Do People Relapse on Alcohol?

There are a number of things that can push somebody towards drinking, even when they know it’s doing them a lot of harm. We could go in-depth into various studies, and psychology, and behavioral science, to really dig into what causes people to relapse on a scholarly level, but we’re going to be keeping things … Read more

What Are The Three Stages of Relapse?

Have you ever thought that you had overcome an addiction, only to find yourself relapsing? Or do you have a loved one or a friend who struggles with an addiction, and relapses sometimes? Are you looking to learn and understand a bit more about what relapsing is and how it works? If you can understand … Read more