How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going Into Rehab

There are different types of rehab. Some of them are more “invasive” to your current lifestyle, for lack of a better word. To phrase it differently, some types of rehab will have you going away to another state, or even another country in some cases – whereas there are also types of rehab that aim … Read more

Is It Possible To Stop Drinking On Your Own?

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How To Work In a Rehab Center – List of Rehab Job Types

Working in a rehab center can be a very rewarding career. Knowing that you’re making a difference for someone, especially for people who feel like they’ve never really had someone looking out for them, can feel truly enriching and fulfilling. It can also be a very stressful job, it can be discouraging, it can be … Read more

How To Tell Your Family You’re Going to Rehab

You’ve made a big decision to register for rehab, and it’s just about time, and you’re working on sorting out some of your affairs before you go. If you can relate to this, you may find this article helpful. Previously, we’ve discussed how to tell your friends you’re going to rehab, and telling your family … Read more

Does Alcohol Affect Sleep And How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

There’s nothing that prepares you for the upcoming day than getting a good night’s sleep, but if you’re drinking alcohol the night before, then your body probably has different plans. Keep in mind that just because you’ve passed out from drinking, that doesn’t mean your body is actually getting a restful sleep. Here’s what you … Read more

What To do When a Loved One Relapses on Alcohol

If somebody close to you has relapsed on alcohol, or you think they’re getting close to doing so, this can take quite a toll on you, not just on them. It’s widely discussed how a relapse can affect your loved one, but how it can affect you isn’t discussed as often. Here’s some helpful information … Read more

Are There Any Easy Ways To Stop Drinking?

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