Family Resources

5 Resources to Learn More About Alcoholism

The internet is filled with resources to learn about alcoholism, and there are probably plenty of local resources at places like your library, your local government, and more. Here’s a quick list of some places you can go for trustworthy information to learn more about alcoholism, problem drinking, addiction, and more. 5. Your Local Library … Read more

How To Tell Your Family You’re Going to Rehab

You’ve made a big decision to register for rehab, and it’s just about time, and you’re working on sorting out some of your affairs before you go. If you can relate to this, you may find this article helpful. Previously, we’ve discussed how to tell your friends you’re going to rehab, and telling your family … Read more

What To do When a Loved One Relapses on Alcohol

If somebody close to you has relapsed on alcohol, or you think they’re getting close to doing so, this can take quite a toll on you, not just on them. It’s widely discussed how a relapse can affect your loved one, but how it can affect you isn’t discussed as often. Here’s some helpful information … Read more

Dating a Functional Alcoholic: Is It Risky?

Dating a functional alcohol can be a tricky thing because, unless you pay attention to their drinking habits or they talk to you about it, it’s possible you might not even be able to tell, especially if they’ve gotten really good at hiding it. Generally speaking, a functional alcoholic is somebody who drinks often enough, … Read more

How To Help an Alcoholic Who Wants Help

One of the things that people with alcoholism will hear all the time is that they need to reach out for help, that there is support available to them, and that they should open up about their addiction with somebody that they love. But what if you’re the person that an alcoholic reaches out to? … Read more

Coping With an Alcoholic Child: Advice for Parents

Every parent wants the best for their children. Every parents wants to see their children grow up to be proud, ambitious, healthy, and successful. Every parent wants a better life for their kids, than they had for themselves. This is why having a child who is struggling with alcoholism can be so difficult. Parents will … Read more

Help a Loved One Stop Drinking

You’re here because there is somebody in your life that you care about very much, but that person doesn’t always make the best decisions. It feels like they’re just not themselves anymore, like they aren’t in control of their bodies or what they do. You’re here because you love them very much, and you want … Read more