Can Meditation Help You Stop Drinking?

People drink for many different reasons. Sometimes, there is a tragic event that acts as a catalyst. The alcohol provides a way to forget about that temporarily, and the damage from drinking that eventually starts to rear its ugly head still feels like less than the escape it offers from the emotional turmoil you’d otherwise … Read more

Mindfulness and Meditation to Quit Drinking

There’s a physical element to alcohol addiction, and there’s a mental element to it, and it’s probably a mistake to try to separate these things too much. It takes more than just wanting to stop drinking, desire alone doesn’t get the job done, it’s going to take serious physical action but those physical actions are … Read more

Are The Most Expensive Luxury Rehab Centers Worth It?

You’ve heard of luxury cars and luxury handbags, but did you know there are even luxury drug and alcohol rehabs? Do regular folks even need to think about these types of rehabs, are they actually any better or is it just a way to take money from people who have more money than they know … Read more

Can books help you to stop drinking?

Can a Book Help You To Stop Drinking?

People use books to learn all sorts of things from math to science to philosophy. People also read books for fun and entertainment. People use books to learn about themselves and for all sorts of self-help, but what about when it comes to quitting drinking? Can a book help you to stop drinking? We recently … Read more

Is there free time in rehab?

Is There Free Time In Rehab?

When you’re searching for information about rehab and how rehab works, a lot of websites will encourage you to phone them and get into rehab right away. Rehab can be a very effective tool to learn techniques to recover and to hit reset when you’re in a bad place. Rehab isn’t a magic pill that … Read more

Help Yourself to Stop Drinking

You know you have a problem, but you don’t know how to fix it. This is such a common experience for alcoholics or people who drink too much but don’t consider themselves alcoholics. (We’re not here to squabble over labels or whatever, let’s cut to the chase – if you think you have a drinking … Read more