How Common Is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking can be a big red flag in terms of alcoholism. Binge drinking can lead to all sorts of problems. It’s not really the same as someone who drinks a glass or two of wine each day, even if the weekly or monthly consumption works out similarly, because the binge adds a lot of … Read more

Is It Possible To Stop Drinking On Your Own?

Are you planning on quitting alcohol? Are you in the early stages where you’re thinking that you might have a problem and you’re starting to toss around the idea of quitting? Even if you don’t have concrete plans to stop drinking yet, and even if you aren’t fully convinced that you even have a problem … Read more

How Alcohol Quit Lit Is Changing People’s Lives

“Quit lit” is the name for a sub-genre of self-help books that is focused on helping people quit various types of addictions or bad habits. Alcohol quit lit, of course, is when this specific literature is centered around quitting alcohol. Alcoholism and any addiction, for that matter, can manifest itself different among different people. Sometimes, … Read more

Does The Stigma of Alcohol Make It Even More Dangerous?

It’s well-documented that alcohol can reveal signs of liver damage, and that there’s also a lot of societal and peer pressure to drink alcohol, which shows that there are certain things that ought to push people away from drinking (like the well-known health problems it can cause), but that there are still forced pulling people … Read more

How To Overcome Peer Pressure to Drink

Different groups of friends are going to be into different things. Some groups love to stay home and play board games on the weekend, totally sober, and everyone has an amazing time. Some groups of friends love to go to clubs and use all sorts of different substances. Sometimes, it falls somewhere in the middle. … Read more

Teenage Alcoholism: Here Are The Signs and Dangers

As a parent, a caregiver, or even a concerned friend, it can be difficult to confront the signs of teenage alcoholism. There’s a tendency to want to avoid “overreacting” to a teenager drinking, especially if it’s a friend of yours or if you’re a parent who is worried about alienating them and having them not … Read more

Causes Of Alcoholism: How Many Of These Happened To You?

It’s important for alcoholics to take responsibility for their actions, and there aren’t any “excuses” for the things that people do when they’re drunk, or for why someone may have a harder time with alcohol than somebody else, but there are some causes of alcoholism that can make certain people more susceptible to this addiction … Read more