What Is StopDrinking.com all About?

Welcome to StopDrinking.com, a website that is dedicated to helping you understand alcoholism and the steps to take to overcome it. 

Whether you, yourself, are seeking help to overcome a dependency on alcohol, or you have a family member or a loved one who you want to help, we have crafted and curated the content on this website to provide a clear path of action.

We strive to offer well-cited, authoritative information based on research and reality. We also understand that reading stuffy scholarly materials isn’t necessarily going to be the thing that changes the tides of addiction. Addiction is well-studied and researched, but sometimes, that can overlook the human element.

Behind every study is a collection of real people that have been studied, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everybody else. Everyone is different with their own challenges, their own experiences, their own triggers, their own goals and aspirations, and their own support systems. There are people who have fantastic support systems in place, and people who have more toxic support systems that can actually cause more harm than good.

The point we’re making is that we don’t want to cast a net, with this website, that can help 5% or 10% of people. We don’t want to help 25% or even 50% of people. Our goal is to offer content, in one form or another, that has the potential to reach every single person who is struggling with alcoholism. We’re starting with the goal of helping everybody, and if we fall short, at least we tried.

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For some people, this simply means helping them realize that things are starting to get out of hand before it gets any worse. For others, they are well aware that they have a problem and they know it’s gotten out of control. In some cases, it means working to empower the family members or loved ones of somebody who is struggling with alcoholism, to give them the tools they need to reach their loved one.

We believe in empathy, humanity, and kindness but that doesn’t mean that tough love and boundaries aren’t sometimes necessary. 

We all have experience with various types of addictions and personal struggles and demons, and our approach to helping comes from a place of compassion and understanding. It can be tempting to get frustrated and angry at someone in your life who is losing the battle to alcoholism or to become angry and frustrated at yourself, but frustration makes things worse, it’s not a helpful emotion. Compassion, empathy, and seeking a sincere understanding are feelings and actions that can help.

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Martijn van Eijk
Martijn is a passionate creator and the driving force behind StopDrinking.com. He created this website to assist individuals and their families in conquering alcohol addiction and finding a joyful, fulfilling life after alcohol. With a deep understanding of the challenges they face, he empowers readers with valuable insights and practical guidance on their journey towards recovery. Author of the Stop Shaking Book.