How To Leave Alcohol In The Past And Start Living a Sober Life

Alcohol can feel like a prison sometimes. You use it to get away from your problems, as a force of habit, or just to avoid feeling sick when you manage to give it up for a day or two.

That’s no way to live. You deserve better than that. You deserve to give yourself a fighting chance to overcome this addiction.

Before we move forward, it’s important to understand there’s no magical secret that’s just going to make it easy. You have to do the work, but if you feel ready to do that, grab a hold of that feeling and don’t get go of it.

The road to recovery can be a rocky path. Don’t expect it to be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, otherwise you would have done it by now. But you do need to remember one very important fact.

It’s possible for you to leave alcohol in the past and start living a sober life.

You’re not the first person to walk down the path to recovery, and you won’t be the last.

Everyone’s situation and addiction is a bit different, but a lot of people have overcome the addiction and you can do it, too.

Start imagining your life without alcohol. What would that look like?

Visualization Exercise to Stop Drinking

Picture a day in your life if you didn’t drink at all. Walk yourself through that day. You wake up, and instead of pouring a drink, what are you doing instead?

Perhaps you could substitute the alcohol for a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice, or an extra cup of coffee, or something else that you would enjoy in the morning.

You’re taking away something that’s become a habit and it can be helpful to replace it with another habit.

If you usually drink with lunch, maybe you can go for a 10 minute walk instead and get some healthy activities in.

If you’re someone who drinks before bed, find something else to do before bed.

This sounds like a very simple solution on paper, and it’s easier said that done. The idea of visualizing your whole day without drinking can be useful in teaching yourself that it’s possible.

Professional Help

When your car breaks down, you have a mechanic look at it, or at least someone who knows what they’re doing (assuming you aren’t a mechanic yourself, of course).

When your HVAC system breaks, you’re calling a professional to fix it.

The water you drink is monitored by a professional at a water-treatment plan, assuming you’re in a city and not using well-water.

The same goes for professional help to stop drinking.

Some people are able to stop drinking on their own, but it can be a lot easier when you have the right tools, strategies, and support.

Call the telephone number on this page to begin the path towards professional help for yourself or a loved one. There’s no obligations, just take a few moments to make the call and take the next step at your own pace.

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