YouTuber Shares a Day In The Life of an Alcoholic

YouTuber 1Sober2Another released an interesting video where he talks about going through a day as an alcoholic. He talks about waking up, experiencing withdrawals, the harms of alcohol (and energy drinks), how he would hide his alcoholism from people in his life, and more.

If you’re an alcoholic or you know one, you’ll probably be able to relate to a lot of different parts of this video. If you’re curious what alcoholism is like, this video will give you insightful views into the world of somebody who struggles with alcoholism in their day to day life.

A Day In The Life of an Alcoholic

Videos like this can be incredibly useful. Sometimes, hearing someone share their struggles and what they’ve done to overcome can be the message or the sign that you’ve been looking for. It’s not easy to open up like this and post it on the internet in such a vulnerable way, but if a video like this helps one person, the creator probably sees it as a success.

Purpose in Life

Finding purpose in life can be a great way to get away from alcohol, too. It’s easy to get into the routine of waking up, drinking, not having anything that excites you or motivates you, drinking again, and the cycle just keeps going.

On the other, when you feel like you have a purpose and something to occupy your time, especially when you need to be sober to it, sometimes that’s enough to break the addiction cycle.

When You’re Ready to Quit…

If we knew exactly what inspired people to quit drinking and stick to it, alcoholism would be a much smaller problem in our world.

Everyone has their own triggers to drink, even if there is a lot of overlap between people. In the same sense, everyone has their own unique experience or factor that finally pushes them to put the bottle down for good. Don’t just wait for it to find you, get out there and look for it.

It’s not a matter of luck or chance. You have to find the opportunities to quit drinking and capture them. Create the opportunities. Work on this each day, even if you’re not completely ready to quit this second – you can still be working towards it, ensuring a softer landing. Cut back a bit, think about what triggers you to drink, and explore options for treatment and support. You’ll get there.

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