How Alcohol Quit Lit Is Changing People’s Lives

“Quit lit” is the name for a sub-genre of self-help books that is focused on helping people quit various types of addictions or bad habits. Alcohol quit lit, of course, is when this specific literature is centered around quitting alcohol.

Alcoholism and any addiction, for that matter, can manifest itself different among different people. Sometimes, a person will need to do a full detox and a visit to a rehab center to overcome their addiction and to learn the necessary tools and strategies to stay sober. In other cases, someone who wants to drink less or stop drinking is able to achieve that through introspection and with the guidance of a book.

There’s something about a book that can really speak to you, especially if you feel like you’re misunderstood or other resources haven’t panned out. Books are the words and thoughts of the author, but sometimes they can map on to our own experiences and lvies, and that’s part of the magic of quit lit.

Where To Find Alcohol Quit Lit

You can find alcohol quit lit at libraries, book stores, used book shops, and to order online. You can also find audio book versions, podcasts, and more.

We’ve taken a look at some stop drinking books in a previous post, and it’s a really solid list with something for just about everyone whose looking to learn more about their relationship with alcohol and to perhaps better understand how to navigate their addiction.

Self-Study Alcohol Quit Lit vs Support Groups, Therapy, and Rehab

As mentioned earlier, some people have a level of addiction to alcohol that they’re able to help themselves with, and using a book for guidance can be a great way to achieve that. These may be people who find themselves drinking more than they’re comfortable with, but still feel a certain level of control over it, and in those cases a bit of additional knowledge and some new strategies to control the drinking can be all it takes.

Other times, the self-study method of quit lit for alcohol isn’t enough, either their addiction is stronger, or this just isn’t how they learn or absorb information. In those cases, a support group can be very helpful.

Sometimes, after reading a lot of books, and even visiting some meetings or support groups, the temptations and urges to drink and still uncontrollable and in those cases, a more extensive and thorough approach may be needed.

Is Quit Lit The Best Option for Alcoholics?

There isn’t necessarily a “best option”, we tend to believe that it takes a number of different strategies, and the more you’re able to learn and the better you’re able to understand yourself, the more tools you’ll have at your disposal which can increase your chances of succeeding.

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