Can an Alcohol Documentary Film Help You Stop Drinking?

Have you ever watched a documentary on Netflix about organic food and suddenly started paying closer attention to what you’re eating, or watched a documentary about a social cause and suddenly found yourself seeing the world through a slightly different lens?

Documentaries, like all forms of art and media, can have a real impact on our lives. Now, we’re not saying that you can watch an alcohol addiction documentary and you’ll suddenly never drink again, but it can be an important part of the process of understanding and re-framing your relationship with alcohol.

A Key to Quitting Alcohol Is…

A key to quitting alcohol is to work on your mind.

If you want to strengthen your biceps, you got to the gym and do curls. If you want to strengthen your mind, you feed it information and you process that information, think about it, look at it from all sides, and see if you still view things the same way as before.

A documentary shouldn’t be able to just reprogram your brain, you wouldn’t want that. If your mind is too open, your brain will fall out, as the old saying goes. It’s not good to become fully infleuenced by every new piece of media you see…

But if you watch a documentary critically, and think about what you’re watching, then it can absolutely help give you some things to think about, and you never know when one of those things will be the missing piece to taking the necessary steps towards quitting alcohol for good.

Documentaries About Alcohol Addiction

Here are some alcohol documentaries that cover the topic of alcohol addiction and that may offer you some useful insights. Maybe reading quit lit isn’t quite your thing, and you would rather watch something instead, here’s your chance:

Drinking Into Oblivion

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This hour-long alcohol documentary stars Louis Theroux, who points his talents and candid, no-nonsense style lens towards problem drinking.

This doc looks at the way culture celebrates and promotes alcohol, and the stigma exists for alcoholics and people that have problems with alcohol.

This documentary really has the power to get through to people, and if you’re thinking about stopping drinking, this is a must-watch. It’s not preachy, it’s just a very well-made film that looks at the facts of the matter and gives you space to think for yourself.

Risky Drinking

This doc was done by HBO, so if you’re a fan of HBO documentaries, you’ll enjoy this collab between them and the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism.

This sobering documentary looks at the lives of four people who are considered to be risky drinkers. Maybe you’ll see parts of yourself in each of them, and be able to react, and avoid going down a similar path. It’s not too late to give up alcohol.

Drinkers Like Me

This 2018 hour-long alcohol documentary about addiction features Adrian Chiles, a broadcaster who openly talks about his own personal struggles with alcohol.

This doc will be relatable for someone who falls into the functional alcoholic category. Alcohol dependence can be tough to accept for anyone who drinks too much, but whose life isn’t falling apart yet.

It’s hard to adjust behavior before facing negative consequences, but that’s the best time to do it, so sometimes a cautionary tale can hit just right and make you reconsider things – like a look into the future – but this takes a very introspective person to accomplish.

Final Thoughts on Alcoholism Documentaries

If you can see yourself in any of the people who are baring their souls in these documentaries about alcohol addiction, then you can find the strength to overcome alcohol addiction. Don’t wait any longer to reach out for help.

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