Watch How Alcohol Changes Your Body

AsapSCIENCE is a very popular YouTube channel that tackles a number of different topics through a scientific lens.

Today, we’re taking a quick look at an 8 minute video they put out that covers the topic of how alcohol changes your body, and what it does when you drink it.

This is a topic we’ve covered in the past, but sometimes a video can make things a lot easier to absorb. Below is a great example of teaching via the visual medium, so here’s what happens to your body when you drink:

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We all know that alcohol has effects on the human body, because if you think about it – why would anybody drink if it didn’t do anything to them?

People get something out of drinking or they wouldn’t do it, especially once you factor in a lot of the negatives that alcohol can cause in both the short term and the long term.

The shorter-term negatives of alcohol can be thinks like headaches, feeling hungover, getting sick, acting in a bad way towards those around you, and so on.

The longer-term negatives are health problems that can get worse and worse, slowly, over time and the personal effects that alcohol can have in your life like putting a stream on your career, relationships, and so on.

This video discusses how 85% of adults have drank alcohol before in their lives. When you think about how many people will drink alcohol in their life, and how alcohol changes the body, it’s no surprise that many people are dealing with the effects of alcohol – but it hits some people a lot harder than others.

While most people are able to keep their alcohol consumption within a range that allows them to more or less avoid most of the negatives, it’s not uncommon for people to struggle with alcohol in various ways.

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