The Types of Drunks: Which One Are You?

Alcohol can affect different people in different ways. The following types of drunks that we’re going to discuss aren’t being presented as hard-science or anything like that, these are just observations based around how different people will react to alcohol in terms of their personalities and demeanor.

The types of drunk people can blend into one another, which you’ll probably make note of while reading through them. Also, many of these traits will be present in the individual at some level, even when they aren’t drunk, and it can be that the alcohol “brings it out” by lowering their inhibitions. For example, there could be someone who is usually very good at keeping their anger in check, even thought they’re an angry person, but after a few drinks they aren’t able to hide it as well.

On the other hand, there could be someone who rarely feels angry, and doesn’t struggle with anger issues, but is an “angry drunk” or a “mean drunk”. It’s important not to put all of the responsibility for your actions onto the alcohol itself, since you’re still choosing to drink it, especially if you know you’re not a good version of yourself when you’re drunk but you still do it. If you know that you’re a reckless drunk, then you need to take steps ahead of time to avoid having your car with you, for example. (Related: How to stop drinking and driving.)

Here Are The Most Common Types of Drunk People

Can you identify yourself in any of these types of drunk people?

Hidden Drunks

We all know that person who hides their drinking so well that they don’t even seem like they’ve had a single drink all night. For some reason, they’re just able to keep it in. Sometimes, this can be indicative that someone is a very experienced drinker, or that they’ve had a lot of practice in hiding it, which can be indicative of a potential drinking problem.

Maybe the only way you can tell they’ve been drinking is if their cheeks get red when they drink? Either way, just because somebody doesn’t react strongly to alcohol or is very good at “hiding” their drunkenness, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a problem drinking, but sometimes, it’s hardest for them to get help since people may not even notice how much they’re struggling with a drinking problem.

If you’re someone who doesn’t always display the social or physical signs of intoxication, you’ll probably have to be more mindful about your drinking habits and patterns, since you may not have anyone seeing that you’re drinking too much or too often and reaching out to help.

Angry Drunks

This can be one of the scariest and most harmful types of drunks. Whether they’re angry before they started drinking, or the alcohol seems to bring it out, someone who gets angry when they’re drinking should take extra care to moderate how much they drink, or just not drink at all.

Some people simply can’t consume alcohol in a way that’s fun for themselves and those around them, and those people would do well to recognize this and take the appropriate actions.

If you find yourself getting angry and always waking up in regret after you drink, it’s probably time to get some help to stop drinking. Being able to recognize that alcohol is causing problems in your life is a very important first step towards getting the help you need, so don’t ignore this, because life can be a lot better when you can wake up without having to look at your texts to make sure that you didn’t send any hateful, angry rants at people you care about.

Anger management may be something to look into as well, if you find yourself feeling angry over everything, even when you aren’t drinking. It can be overwhelming, but it’s worth it to take a look inward at your personality and your life and to take steps to gain control again.

Happy Drunks

A happy drunk will always seem like they’re having a great time, and they probably are, because sometimes alcohol just brings out the best mood in certain people. If you notice someone as a “happy drunk,” or if that’s how people refer to you, then there are a few things to take into consideration.

If someone is normally a pretty laid back or neutral person, or even more on the depressed side, and the only time that they seem happy is when they’re drinking, this can be a big warming sign for a drinking problem. Someone could start to chase that happiness feeling by drinking more and more often, until the only time they feel any joy is when they’re drunk.

Much like the “hidden drunk” personality type, it can be harder for a happy drunk to get help, since people around them may not notice that there could be a problem, and also because they’ll be more resistant to give up that happy feeling.

For someone who hates the way they act when they’re drunk, it can feel a little easier to stop drinking since they’re also giving up on those bad feelings, but a happy drunk also has to find ways to create these levels of happiness without alcohol.

Drunks Without Boundaries/Overly Affectionate

This is a step beyond the classic “happy drunk”. Some people are just way too overly touchy-feeling and affectionate to an uncomfortable level when they’re drinking, and they may seem unable to read social queues, like the fact that people are not super comfortable around them.

This isn’t necessarily crossing the line into inappropriate physical behavior, but it certainly can.

If you’re someone who feels like you lose your sense of boundaries or you’re overly affectionate past a point where you can tell whether people are receptive to it or not, it would be a good idea to talk to some of the people you drink around when you’re sober, just to get a feeling for things, and to try to be more mindful of this when you’re drinking.

If you can’t control yourself when you’re drinking, then like many of the different types of drunks on this list, it may be time to start to think about your relationship with alcohol.

Reckless Drunks

This is somebody who just becomes so carefree when they’re drunk that it can be dangerous.

They aren’t totally blacked out necessarily, but they just lose their ability to think about consequences before they act.

This can result is all sorts of dangerous situations, injuries, and bad outcomes for themselves any anyone they may end up crossing paths with.

Most people that drink will experience some level of recklessness or loss of inhibitions, its one of the more common effects of alcohol, but it can be much more pronounced in some people than others, even while drinking a lesser quantity.

Blackout Drunks

This is someone who never feels “drunk enough”, they will keep drinking and drinking until they become blackout drunk, seemingly every time they drink.

They’ll wake up feeling hungover and awful, they’ll promise themselves that they’ll never do that again, but then the next weekend (or the next day) comes around and they repeat the same thing all over again.

The blackout drunk has difficulty with managing their alcohol intake, and once they’ve had a drink or two, they lose control of themselves and they’ll just keep going.

This type of drunk personality can also include elements from other ones, for example someone can get blackout drunk while also losing their sense of boundaries, or they can be blackout drunk and very happy all night, and so on and so forth.

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Which of These Types of Drunks Are You Closest To?

Are there multiple types of drunk people on this list that you might fall into or relate you? Many people may feel little parts of each group in their personality, depending on their mood and depending on the night.

The key takeaway is to think about how you behave when you’re drunk, and to think about whether that’s something you’re okay with or not, and if the people around you are okay with it. Not everybody drinks has a drinking problem, and some drinking problems are easier to spot than others, but the important thing is to remember that help is here for you if you’re struggling with alcohol, or looking to find help for someone you care about.

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