This Video Can Help You Understand a Functional Alcoholic

Is there a functional alcoholic in your life?

Do you think you, yourself, could be a functional alcoholic?

Here’s an interesting video that discusses functional alcoholism, what it means to be a functional alcohol, and what is a functional alcoholic?

“Sometimes, people can have significant problems and they manage to live the way they are living in terms of substance use or alcohol use, for years.”

What this demonstrates is further support for the idea that one of the biggest tools to help an alcoholic is empathy, to recognize that they’re dealing with some huge challenges, and to help them find the support they need rather than responding with anger or frustration.

Just because somebody is still going to work and maintaining relationships, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a problem with substances.

This video compares alcoholism to diabetes and other medical conditions where you can continue to function to some extent, even for years, but it doesn’t mean that the disease (alcoholism or diabetes) isn’t still taking a toll on your body.

Alcoholism as a Disease

“Oftentimes, people ignore the signs that indicate that they are having problems with their alcohol use or substance use. The idea here is that if the substance use interferes with any major role or obligation in time, whether at home or at school or at work, this indicates there is a problem.

Also if the substance use or alcohol use causes any psychological negative reactions, for example some people feel sad or depressed, or behave in way that doesn’t really go with their values or goals in life.

You might be using alcohol, it might be gradually destroying your life…”

The above video discusses how functional alcoholics might just be operating at a basic level, but missing out on opportunities to get further in life without necessarily even realizing it.

The first thing to do is to ask yourself if you need professional help. Once you start noticing problems,

You can’t blame someone for having an addictive disorder. You wouldn’t blame someone for having diabetes, but you can blame them for not seeking professional help. This video exlpains that the same applies to alcohol abuse. You can’t be blamed for having an addiction, but you can be blamed for not seeking the professional help to help yourself, and to help those you care about, and to help society in general.

By getting help for addictions, you’re providing a huge service to yourself and to people you care about, the video explains. If you know someone younger who is starting down a dark path of alcoholism, learn about teenage alcoholism.

Further Reading About Functional Alcoholism

Here’s some information about dating a functional alcoholic, but it can also apply to married couples, friendships, and so on. Learn about the potential causes of alcoholism, if you’re curious about that.

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