This DR.’s Description of Addiction Has Saved Lives (EYE-OPENING!)

This is the type of video that you watch, and it stops you in your tracks.

It makes you reflect on what you know, it makes you reexamine biases you may hold, and it’s perfect to pass along to someone you care about to help them better understand what you (or another loved one) might be going through.

The way this Doctor sees addiction, after working on the front lines in one of the most addiction-riddled communities on earth in Vancouver, Canada, has undoubtedly saved people’s lives. This Doctor’s compassion and understanding is the type of love and care that can get through too people and make them see things in a different way.

By better understanding addiction, you are able to better understand addicts and by better understanding addicts, you’re in a better position to help them get the help that they need.

This doctor dealt with all sorts of addicts, including the scariest and most dangerous drugs in the world, on a daily basis. Alcohol usage is very common in the community within which he worked, too. People use substances to treat themselves for physical or mental pain and anguish, but this self-medication is dangerous and often leads to a devastating end.

If you’re struggling with addiction yourself, this video can help you put words to certain things you’ve been feeling your whole life. It’s powerful.

Please, take a few minutes and watch this video carefully, it could save a life:

Individuals may handle trauma in different ways, some people are equipped to handle certain types of trauma different than others. But substance abuse is often a result of some form of trauma, and understanding this can make it much easier to have empathy for people who are going through big challenges in their lives.

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