Stomach Ache After Drinking: Here’s What To Do

Do you have a stomach ache after drinking?

That’s never a good feeling, but the good news is that there are a few great options of things that you can try right now in order to get some relief.

If this is something that happens to you often, then it might be time to take a closer look at your drinking habits and try to cut back or stop altogether. If alcohol is giving you stomach aches often, that means you’re drinking often, and it’s probably having other negative effects in your life. That’s just something to think about. Remember, help isn’t far away if you’re having trouble with alcohol.

Tips to Solve Stomach Ache After Drinking

Try an Antacid

An antacid can help soothe the stomach pains. If it’s just a regular stomach ache or something mild, this can certainly help to soothe your stomach. If you don’t have any antacids or things like Tums or Pepto Bismol, sometimes a bit of toothpaste will help in a pinch. Stomach acidity can be helped a bit by eating a small dab of toothpaste, when all else fails. Baking soda works, too.

Drinking alcohol can cause your stomach acids to rise up and go crazy, so all of the above suggestions are there in the name of helping with the stomach acid in particular.

Drink Some Water

You might be feeling dehydrated after a night of drinking, especially if you were moving around a lot, dancing, and so on.

Pour a glass of water, take a few minutes to slowly sip it down. Pour another glass of water and sip it slowly again. Now, you’re on the path to being better hydrated and you might start to feel better at this point. Drink plenty of water. The reason to drink it slow is because it can hurt to slam huge glasses of water on an empty stomach.

Be Aware Your Stomach Line Might Be Weakened

Alcohol can weaken the lining of your stomach lining, and then when it’s already weakened, the acids in your stomach will further hurt your stomach and lining. Since alcohol can make the acids in your stomach act up, this is a bad combo that can lead to gastritis.

Your doctor can help explain the differences between chronic gastritis or the acute kind. They can check for symptoms, and determine if you’re at-risk or already suffering from this.

Don’t Ignore Serious Pains

If you’re stomach is really hurting, or it’s getting worse, or not going away – it could be something a bit more serious than just a tummy ache, so don’t hesitate to seek medical guidance if the pain is severe or isn’t going away.

There’s no shortage of negative effects of drinking alcohol, and if drinking too much and experience these negative effects is something that’s happening to you too often, or if you just want to discuss what problem drinking looks like and how to get help, there’s a telephone number up above that can help you.

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