Is Non-Alcoholic Kombucha Okay For Alcoholics to Drink?

We recently discussed an important topic that comes up more and more often, and that’s whether or not alcoholics should drink Kombucha or, more simply, can alcoholics drink Kombucha?

The consensus among experts, including an author cited in the previous post, is that alcoholics should avoid drinking Kombucha because even a little bit of alcohol can lead to some bad mental traps that can get you into a bad place and can lead to a relapse if you’re trying to stop drinking.

But we wanted to dig in a bit deeper into other options for alcoholics who still want to enjoy drinks like Kombucha that contain a trace amount of alcohol.

Kombucha has about 0.5% alcohol, usually, but there are non-alcoholic Kombucha drinks, too, and those are probably the best alternative for someone who enjoys Kombucha but shouldn’t have alcohol or is avoiding drinking alcohol for any reason.

What Is Non-Alcoholic Kombucha?

Part of the enjoyment of sipping on a Kombucha is the fizzy goodness from the carbonation and bubbles. It pairs perfectly with the sweet, tasty flavor and how refreshing it is to sip Kombucha on a warm day, after a workout, or anytime for that matter.

The carbonation in regular Kombucha comes from the fermentation and the yeast, but alcohol is a byproduct of this process which is why most Kombucha that you’ll see at the store will have a small amount of alcohol in it. Non-alcoholic Kombucha, on the other hand, is made using C02 pressure, just like regular soda pop and soft drinks.

By avoiding the normal Kombucha process, non-alcoholic Kombucha is essentially a fizzy tea drink that comes in similar flavors as Kombucha does, but without any trace of alcohol whatsoever because it’s made using a different process.

Technically speaking, it’s not the same as regular Kombucha, but it makes a perfectly acceptable alternative for anyone who likes Kombucha but doesn’t want to consume a single drop of alcohol while enjoying this refreshing drink.

Can Alcoholics Drink Non-Alcoholic Kombucha?

Yes, Alcoholics Can Drink Non-Alcoholic Kombucha.

It’s not a good idea for an alcoholic to drink regular Kombucha because regular Kombucha contains alcohol. But it’s fine for an alcoholic to drink non-alcoholic Kombucha, as long as they’re positive it contains 0.00% alcohol, not even a small trace. Don’t get it mixed up with regular Kombucha!

Non-alcoholic Kombucha is made by a handful of different brands, and it can contain a lot of the same benefits that people drink Kombucha for, without the traces of alcohol that are normally found in Kombucha.

Sometimes, people who are avoiding alcohol enjoy a variety of fizzy drinks, whether it’s a simply cola, seltzer water, or non-Alcoholic Kombucha.

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