How to Stop Someone From Drinking Without Them Knowing

Here’s an interesting topic that comes up every now and then.

What happens is that somebody reaches out for support because they want to help their loved one to stop drinking, but they want to do it without their loved one knowing that they’re doing it.

Why would you want to stop someone from drinking without them knowing?

It usually comes down to fear of having a confrontation with them, or being afraid of confronting an alcoholic with the fact that they have a problem.

This can cause family members, loved ones, friends, and caring people to want to help an alcoholic while avoiding the confrontation of telling them they need help.

Getting help for somebody can be such an incredibly difficult and taxing situation for everyone involved.

In some cases, you might want to get the ball rolling before you let them know that you’ve taken steps to help them. This can be good in the sense that you’re prepared to help and support the alcoholic.

You can get things started, research help and support resources for them, and start to put a plan in place before you present it to them…

But it’s going to be super difficult to get somebody to stop drinking without them knowing. That’s a tall order, it’s not practical, and it’s not really the best way to go about things, anyways.

A better option to stop someone from drinking without them knowing

Rather than trying to stop someone from drinking without them knowing, you should talk to them and involve them in the process. It’s their life, at the end of the day, and unless they’re being involuntarily committed to a treatment facility, then they need to be on board with the plan.

They need to want to stop drinking, you can’t really force this on somebody who doesn’t want to stop and isn’t ready to stop drinking because they will just drink again. They have to see the negative impact that alcohol has on their life and they have to want to change.

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