How To Feel Drunk Without Drinking

Here’s an interesting topic. Every month, we come across numerous people who are curious about how to feel drunk without drinking.

There are a few different ways to understand this, but we’re going with the idea that there are some people who feel more comfortable socially or use alcohol to cope with certain issues in their life, but recognize that drinking isn’t the healthiest way to deal with things.

If you’re looking to feel drunk without drinking, let’s dig in a little bit deeper…

Can You Feel Drunk Without Drinking?

This depends on what you mean by “feel drunk” and which feeling you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to feel more comfortable socially, to be able to let loose, not be as shy and you feel like you need alcohol to achieve that, then the way to feel drunk without drinking would be to address these issues. You might be feeling anxious or struggling with anxiety/social anxiety, and using alcohol as a way to deal with that.

By finding other ways to deal with anxiety, you can feel more comfortable in public places and when you’re around people without the need to drink.

If you’re using alcohol to deal with some sort of past trauma, or on-going problems, and you’ve found that getting drunk gives you a temporary release from those feelings, it’s possible to find a healthier way to deal with these issues without drinking.

Then, once again, you’ll be dealing with the root cause of why you feel the need to drink, making it unnecessary to feel drunk.

Getting Help So That You Don’t Need to Feel Drunk

Talking with a mental health professional about your problems can definitely help. You should understand that it’s going to be a process. Depending on what’s happened and how you’ve been dealing with it, you may have already spoken to someone.

If you’re still feeling like you need alcohol to cope, then we can assume it didn’t completely fix things. What’s important to understand is that it’s a process. You won’t visit a therapist a few times and suddenly you’re fixed. It’s an on-going thing.

Sometimes, you’ll need to try more than one therapist before you find a great fit. You’ll need to learn different tools for how to cope with things in your life,

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