How To Feel Drunk Without Drinking

People usually don’t become addicted to alcohol without enjoying the way that it makes them feel, but what about some alternate ways to get a similar feeling that doesn’t involve alcohol at all?

There isn’t something that’s going to perfectly replicate the feelings and effects of alcohol without drinking in a way that matches it 100%, but that’s fine. Different people like different parts of drinking. Some like the way it makes them feel more social, some like the warmth, some just like the way it takes their mind off things…

But alcohol can also be very, very dangerous – especially when it’s in the hands of an alcoholic. Alcoholics shouldn’t drink, it’s really that simple, the risk is too high of things getting out of control.

So, here are some ways to feel drunk without drinking alcohol, where different ideas can occupy the place of different parts of the alcohol experience.

5. The Taste? Try Non-Alcoholic…

This one’s easy, you can get non-alcohol beer and other types of wine, spirits, and so on. If it’s the taste tht you like about alcohol, there are plenty of other tastes in the world and plenty of imitation drinks that you’ll come to love – and then you can avoid the alcohol.

4. The Warmth? Try Spicy Foods…

If you enjoy that warm sensation and numb-like buzz from a drink or two, you can get a unique experience eating very spicy foods or hot peppers.

When you eat spicy enough foods, there is a sensation that you’ll feel in your body, almost like a numb warmth. It’s not exactly the same as alcohol, but it’s something that you can do relatively safely (be mindful about eating incredibly amounts of ultra hot peppers, obviously – but just eating spicy foods within reason can be a way to go about this.)

3. The Excitement? Set The Tone…

If you like to drink in order to dance around and listen to loud music, you can do that without drinking. It might take a bit more for you to hit the dance floor and get started when you’re sober, but once you get the energy up, the lights and music and atmosphere will have you feeling great without the need for a drop of alcohol.

2. The Distraction? Find a Hobby…

If you use alcohol to distract yourself from your problems, from life, from whatever – well, for starters, it’s usually good to find a healthier way to deal with those types of things, but finding a hobby can be a more productive way to deal with it rather than the self-harm that can come from alcohol use for self-medication.

1. The Rush? Do Things That Scare You…

Are you terrified of speaking in public? Well, doing that will give you quite a rush, if that’s what you’re looking for. Putting yourself into uncomfortable situations and then rising to the challenge is a great way to build self-confidence, to feel a crazy rush, and to do it all in a much healthier way than drinking.

It could be any number of things, it doesn’t have to be public speaking, that’s just an example of a common fear that people have.

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