Does Bread Make You Sober?

There are many myths surrounding alcohol that can be very harmful when they make their way into the zeitgeist of popular culture. One of these myths is that eating bread will help you to sober up more quickly after a night of drinking.

This disinformation can be dangerous because somebody could spend the night drinking, and then eat a few pieces of bread, and suddenly think they’re okay to drive and that’s simply not the case. Eating bread is not how to stop drinking and driving, there’s no magic shortcuts or foods you can eat to sober yourself up, that’s just not how the body processes alcohol.

Does bread make you sober? No.

What makes you sober? Time.

If you’ve been drinking and you want to “sober up”, there’s no foods you can eat to make this happen more quickly.

The way to sober up after drinking is time, you just have to wait it out. If you’ve drank more than you should have, you’ll have to just wait it out. Don’t drive, don’t text your ex, just throw on a movie and wait, or go to sleep.

The one thing you should consume is plenty of water to ensure that you’re staying hydrated. Drinking water won’t sober you up, but it will help to keep you hydrated which can help with certain aspects of a hangover like getting a headache. It’s not a miracle fix-all, but it can help.

If You Find Yourself Needing to Sober Up…

If you find yourself looking for ways to sober up after drinking, it might be time to ask yourself why you’re drinking so much in the first place.

Do you have trouble pacing yourself when you drink? Are you ever planning to have one or two drinks, but you end up having way too much to drink?

Do you find yourself drinking too often, too many days in a row, or to a point where it’s interfering with the rest of your life?

When somebody has normal drinking habits, they’ll have a few drinks and they’ll enjoy it, they aren’t trying to “sober up” because they’re having a good time. When you’ve drank so much that you’re trying to look for strategies like eating bread to sober up, that could be a sign of a problem.

It can be difficult to confront the fact that you might have a problem with drinking, especially once things have gotten out of your control. Whether you’re looking for help, or not quite there yet, we hope you’ll take a look around this site to learn a little more about alcohol dependency, alcoholism, and problem drinking. Come and join us in our community forum to learn a little more and to share your experiences.

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What About Eating Before Drinking?

Eating before you drink can help dampen the effects of the alcohol a bit. Many of us have been there, you have a drink or two on an empty stomach and it hits you much harder than it normally would. But once you’re feeling the effects of the alcohol, eating bread isn’t going to magically sober you up.

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