How To Avoid Drinking At a Summer BBQ

When summer rolls along and everyone is getting together to enjoy the weather, it’s common for drinks to make an appearance. If you’ve been doing a good job of not drinking, but you’re anxious about a BBQ coming up, because you’re going to be around alcohol, you’re going to be around people who are drinking, … Read more

Should I Stop Drinking

Should I Stop Drinking? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions…

We’re here to work through an important question, to answer one simple – yet very complicated – question that many alcoholics have pondered. By the end of this brief post, you’ll have your answer. You probably already know the answer, since you’re here, but we want to “show the work”, so to speak, because that … Read more

What is alcoholism?

What Is Alcoholism? A Quick Explainer [Updated 2021]

There are various definitions of alcoholism, depending on who you ask and how much reading you’re willing to do. This page exists as a quick resource to help explain some of the different points of view on alcoholism and what it means to be an alcoholic. Whether you call it having a drinking problem, alcohol … Read more

How To Help an Alcoholic Who Wants Help

One of the things that people with alcoholism will hear all the time is that they need to reach out for help, that there is support available to them, and that they should open up about their addiction with somebody that they love. But what if you’re the person that an alcoholic reaches out to? … Read more

30 Ways To Distract Yourself From Drinking

You may be someone who wakes up and immediately starts thinking about drinking, even if you promised yourself the night before that you wouldn’t drink today. You may also be the type of person who makes it through most of the day before thinking about drinking.  Either way, when you’re an alcoholic, sooner or later … Read more