Does Alcohol Affect Sleep And How Does Alcohol Affect Sleep?

There’s nothing that prepares you for the upcoming day than getting a good night’s sleep, but if you’re drinking alcohol the night before, then your body probably has different plans. Keep in mind that just because you’ve passed out from drinking, that doesn’t mean your body is actually getting a restful sleep. Here’s what you … Read more

What To do When a Loved One Relapses on Alcohol

If somebody close to you has relapsed on alcohol, or you think they’re getting close to doing so, this can take quite a toll on you, not just on them. It’s widely discussed how a relapse can affect your loved one, but how it can affect you isn’t discussed as often. Here’s some helpful information … Read more

Are There Any Easy Ways To Stop Drinking?

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What Is Blacking Out From Alcohol and Why Does It Happen?

Blacking out, otherwise known as being “blackout drunk”, refers to when a person has had so much to drink that they’re basically on “autopilot”, in a sense. If you’ve ever been drinking and look back on it the next day and you don’t remember how you got home, or you don’t remember what happened for … Read more

How Alcohol Quit Lit Is Changing People’s Lives

“Quit lit” is the name for a sub-genre of self-help books that is focused on helping people quit various types of addictions or bad habits. Alcohol quit lit, of course, is when this specific literature is centered around quitting alcohol. Alcoholism and any addiction, for that matter, can manifest itself different among different people. Sometimes, … Read more

What Is A Relapse And What Does It Mean For Alcoholics?

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