Committing to 100 Days Sober Can Change Your Life

100 days is just over 3 months. It can sound like a lot. It’s a quarter of an entire year. It’s three full moons. It’s a decent chunk of time but here’s something crucial to remember: The time will pass whether or not you’re making progrss on your goals. If your goal is to stop … Read more

12 Sobriety Quotes To Help You When You Need It Most

Are you struggling to stay sober, or thinking about giving up alcohol once and for all? Sometimes, a little collection of words can hit you just right, in a way that really connects and resonates with you. A phrase, a lyric, a quote that just really explains how you’re feeling. It gives you words to … Read more

Depression After Quitting Drinking: Is This Normal?

When you quit drinking, your body goes through a lot of positive changes. This is something that’s very healthy and very good for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy or that there won’t be side-effects, withdrawals, or bad feelings associated with quitting drinking. See also: What happens when you drink alcohol … Read more

How Common Is Binge Drinking?

Binge drinking can be a big red flag in terms of alcoholism. Binge drinking can lead to all sorts of problems. It’s not really the same as someone who drinks a glass or two of wine each day, even if the weekly or monthly consumption works out similarly, because the binge adds a lot of … Read more

Is Four Loko Dangerous? Why Did It Change Recipes?

Four Loko is still around, but their original recipe has been changed after the brand got backlash from the FDA, Universities, and when there were all sorts of problems and dangerous situations arising when people would drink it. Is Four Loko Dangerous? Beer or whisky: Which is more harmful? Four Loko’s original recipe contained four … Read more

Is It Dangerous To Stop Drinking Suddenly?

When you’re drinking lot, sometimes you’ll have a moment where it just hits you: I need to stop drinking. This thought might be in the back of your mind every single time you pour a drink. That’s pretty normal, for people who drink a lot, especially when they’ve started to notice negative impacts on their … Read more

Beer Or Whisky: Which Is More Harmful?

We’ve recently come across some people asking questions about comparing different types of alcohol, and which is more harmful, for example beer or whisky? This is an interesting question to consider, because there’s kind of a direct answer, but there are a lot of caveats and things to explain, too. Looking at questions like this … Read more

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Going Into Rehab

There are different types of rehab. Some of them are more “invasive” to your current lifestyle, for lack of a better word. To phrase it differently, some types of rehab will have you going away to another state, or even another country in some cases – whereas there are also types of rehab that aim … Read more