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    First of all, hello everyone, and thanks for offering a platform for alcoholics like myself. When in the shop yesterday I tried to avoid the alcohol idle but decided to get a bottle of vodka anyway, weekends are very hard on me yes I drink during weekdays as well but weekends are different… In my mind, I figured might as well have this alcohol as a backup because I know myself… 100% will feel like drinking, but thank god (bless you) I did not but now I find myself on Saturday and have been staring at the vodka bottle I bought this entire morning.

    I am worried I will go for it and be hit with a huge hangover on Sunday, which always makes me keep drinking because hangovers I really can’t handle but then on Monday I’m walking on edge at work and I can’t lose my job…

    What do you do in these cases? I see there are not many people here so not expecting to get a reply hopefully this will become a bigger forum I can see it can really help to share experiences.


    Hi Jacob welcome. There are a couple of us here now 🙂

    I have a beer in the fridge that I have been avoiding for days. I know there are two options. I either dump it down the drain right now or I will drink it. It’s the same for your vodka. You either have to get rid of it or you will end up drinking and I know you don’t want to drink it.

    I’m going to go dump my beer down the drain right now because I know if I drink it then I will try to get more and things will go bad.

    Reading your message helped me realize what I need to do right now for myself so thank you for that even if it wasn’t your intention.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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