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Is there free time in rehab?

Is There Free Time In Rehab?

When you’re searching for information about rehab and how rehab works, a lot of websites will encourage you to phone them and get into rehab right away. Rehab can be a very effective tool to learn techniques to recover and to hit reset when you’re in a bad place. Rehab isn’t a magic pill that … Read more

Does eating bread make you sober?

Does Bread Make You Sober?

There are many myths surrounding alcohol that can be very harmful when they make their way into the zeitgeist of popular culture. One of these myths is that eating bread will help you to sober up more quickly after a night of drinking. This disinformation can be dangerous because somebody could spend the night drinking, … Read more

How To Avoid Drinking At a Summer BBQ

When summer rolls along and everyone is getting together to enjoy the weather, it’s common for drinks to make an appearance. If you’ve been doing a good job of not drinking, but you’re anxious about a BBQ coming up, because you’re going to be around alcohol, you’re going to be around people who are drinking, … Read more