Stop Drinking

How To Feel Drunk Without Drinking

People usually don’t become addicted to alcohol without enjoying the way that it makes them feel, but what about some alternate ways to get a similar feeling that doesn’t involve alcohol at all? There isn’t something that’s going to perfectly replicate the feelings and effects of alcohol without drinking in a way that matches it … Read more

5 Foods That Sober You Up Fast

Before we get into this topic, it’s important to cover a few things because they might not be obvious. This article is for people who are looking for foods that will help sober them up quickly, but once you’ve drank alcohol and it’s in your system, there isn’t necessarily a single food that’s going to … Read more

Here’s What Happens When You Drink On An Empty Stomach

People have very different reasons for drinking. For some, it’s a weekend-binge during college that peters off as they get a bit older. For some, it’s a glass of wine with dinner to loosen up the conversation a bit and that’s it. For some people, it’s their way of getting through the day. Not everybody … Read more

Can You Stop Drinking Cold Turkey?

Stopping cold turkey means that you wake up one morning and decide that you’re just not going to drink anymore. Sometimes with addictions, especially ones that affect your body like alcohol, people will choose to slowly cut back on how much they’re using. Someone who smokes a pack a day might cut back to half … Read more

My Husband Won’t Stop Drinking – Here’s What To Do

Alcoholism has a negative impact on the person who struggles with the addiction, but it also has an impact on their family. As a loving family member, you know this all too well. When it’s your husband that can’t (or won’t even try to) stop drinking, you already know the impact this can have on … Read more