Stop Drinking

How To Overcome Peer Pressure to Drink

Different groups of friends are going to be into different things. Some groups love to stay home and play board games on the weekend, totally sober, and everyone has an amazing time. Some groups of friends love to go to clubs and use all sorts of different substances. Sometimes, it falls somewhere in the middle. … Read more

This Video Can Help You Understand a Functional Alcoholic

Is there a functional alcoholic in your life? Do you think you, yourself, could be a functional alcoholic? Here’s an interesting video that discusses functional alcoholism, what it means to be a functional alcohol, and what is a functional alcoholic? “Sometimes, people can have significant problems and they manage to live the way they are … Read more

Watch How Alcohol Changes Your Body

AsapSCIENCE is a very popular YouTube channel that tackles a number of different topics through a scientific lens. Today, we’re taking a quick look at an 8 minute video they put out that covers the topic of how alcohol changes your body, and what it does when you drink it. This is a topic we’ve … Read more

Causes Of Alcoholism: How Many Of These Happened To You?

It’s important for alcoholics to take responsibility for their actions, and there aren’t any “excuses” for the things that people do when they’re drunk, or for why someone may have a harder time with alcohol than somebody else, but there are some causes of alcoholism that can make certain people more susceptible to this addiction … Read more